World Building

dragon-32887_1280There’s only seven basic stories, some say. It’s not a surprise then that all stories seem to repeat themselves countless times throughout the ages. Convenient too, because the recall value helps you in creating worlds for your production, even if they’re set in a fictional environment. How can this pan out best?

the-question-mark-350169_1280You need a world that is steeped in mythology, but also provides a plethora of names, places and events? That ring true and can inspire you and your team to create a story both filled with wonder and fact? And what about those facts?

exclamation-mark-350200_1280You contact me, maybe we’ll have a quick Skype chat and you’ll tell me to find you that mythical place in the past. I will leverage my knowledge of long lost kingdoms and investigate for you to send you an exposé of possible settings that might be able to give you the inspiration you need. It might not be a perfect fit, but history  isn’t perfect, either. So  for the sake of your game’s flow and narrative, you can now tweak it to fit what you want to tell.

The end result

While you had an idea what the cornerstones of your world should be, now you’ll have at your disposal events, characters and places that you can alter to your heart’s content to fit your story. No need to go about reinventing the wheel. You’ll just have to add or remove a spoke or two.

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