Historical Details


If you want to draw your players  or viewers in, you need to get specific details about an historical period right. Why? Because even though what drives any piece of entertainment are the story and the action, you’re looking to create something that can stand up to the scrutiny of even your most discernible consumers. So no corny dress and hobbit-holes where they don’t fit! Imagine for a moment:

the-question-mark-350169_1280 You’re currently scripting a story set in an early medieval kingdom in Gaul. It’s a great period to explore, but you’re not entirely sure what language they spoke, what the vernacular was and what language kings or queens, as opposed to the common folk, used. You’ve taken a look at Wikipediabut  hey, it’s Wikipedia! — and you’re not entirely sure whether you can trust those sources or how the info can help your story. What to do? Simply contact me and task me to find answers to your questions.


You will be sent a dossier containing everything that is known about the language used, compiled from the rather small number of original narrative sources, but also theories by leading historians in the field concise, ready-to-use and easy to take in. We all know you’re busy. Saving you time and therefore money is my job.

The end result 

Who would’ve thought? Your main character speaks a form of Latin, even though they’re living in a Frankish kingdom. With some nice Vulgar Latin  phrases and some signature words in the Frankish language, you are now well-equipped to script your characters in all their glory, giving your project new depth. And your history teacher will be proud, too.

Interested in this or anything else that comes to mind? Just send an email to richard@hemmer.co.