19 Oct

Introducing a podcast about history’s stories

A few weeks ago I launched, together with fellow historian Daniel Meßner, a podcast about the stories buried within history. We called it “Zeitsprung”, which translates rather well into “time leap”.

It’s currently in German only, but it’s quite possible that we’ll be doing the same in English sometime in the near future.

The stories are often little anecdotes, rarely heard of episodes or simply tales too strange not to talk about. It’s an entertaining little thing, if you don’t mind me saying so.

If you’re using iOS, we’re on iTunes too, otherwise you’ll find all the latest episodes at Zeitsprung.fm.

If you like getting all the latest episodes in your Facebook newsstream, there’s also a Facebook page.

Finally, if you have any feedback or story ideas, don’t be shy to write an e-mail to feedback@zeitsprung.fm.



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